• From solar farming to terraforming: Energy management in Chaotic Era

    In this entry, we’re going to dive deep into the main energy harvesting loop in Chaotic Era—especially some of the new developments we’ve added to the game recently. And we’ll also share a preview of our roadmap for late game metas that we’re very excited about.
  • Designing the apocalypse: Why Chaotic Era is a terrifying sci-fi vision of our future

    Chaotic Era is a worst case scenario for humanity.

    The Earth is destroyed; its last hope, a solitary evacuation ship, is lost in space. Damaged, thousands of light years offcourse.

  • Sim City meets Starcraft: The accidental influences of Chaotic Era

    This is an ongoing development series about CHAOTIC ERA, an interstellar strategy game. Join the beta waitlist here or follow us on Twitter for th...
  • How we made a combat system for a game without enemies

    Early on we made the decision to have no enemies in Chaotic Era. Seems simple enough, but that opens up a massive challenge: How do you make a game with no enemies fun?

    After a lot of thought and exploration, we went back to a simple game design rule: we need to create risk.

  • How 80s scifi inspired a complete overhaul of our game's UI

    This month, we spent a lot of time exploring the Navigation UI to address usability concerns that we had with the Focus Engine.

    Our original "targeting" approach made sense initially, but it had several shortcomings.

  • Building the basics of an impossibly large game

    How do you make a game that is incredibly simple in gameplay, but impossibly vast in scope?

    That’s the core challenge of Chaotic Era and, frankly, one of the key things that makes it so exciting to work on. It’s the duality of making a minimalist civilization simulator that also pushes time and space to its absolute limits.
  • An update for December 2019

    These updates have typically been internal only, but we’re going to start sharing them now that we’re getting closer to a private beta.

    We’ll try to keep things nice and short: taking a look at our latest dev updates, and diving into some of the movies, music, books, and art that are influencing the direction of the game.