• Concept artist Wayne Haag (The Fifth Element, Alien: Covenant) on what’s missing in modern science fiction

    Best known for his work on The Fifth Element, Wayne Haag is a digital matte painter, science fiction oil painter, and illustrator for film and television. Wayne has worked as a matte painter for the The Lord of the Rings franchise and more recently done concept art for Alien Covenant, The Wolverine, and Maze Runner. We spoke with Wayne to learn about how he got started in the business, how he got to where he is now, and his take on modern science fiction.
  • Why concept artist Sergio Sandoval (Pan’s Labrynth, Hellboy, DC Comics) embraces the uncanny

    via Behance This article is part of INTERLINKED, a new series where we speak with industry masters who influence the making of games like CHAOTIC...
  • How MechWarrior artist Alex Iglesias manages workflow and stays inspired

    Today we’re speaking with concept artist Alex Iglesias, most well known as the creator of the Battlemech for MechWarrior Online. He's worked for Catalyst Game Labs and Piranha Games, designing mechs, machines, and more. We spoke to Alex about life as an artist, his workflow, and some of his latest inspirations.
  • Motorcycles in anime: The unlikely history behind Akira, Sailor Moon, and more

    Alongside sci-fi favourites like The TerminatorThe Matrix, and Mad Max, the use of motorcycles as an aesthetic enhancement of character can be best witnessed in Katsuhiro Otomo’s AkiraNeo Tokyo and its citizens imagined by post-war Japanese artists would develop an iconic image of motorcycle riders that would influence a global audience.