Chaotic Era is an intense and brutal strategy game inspired by classic science fiction, following a stranded human crew on an alien planet.

It’s a game of quick decisions, devastating consequences, and endless panic as you struggle to stay alive in humanity’s hellish future. A fast-paced and unforgiving reimagining of the golden era of real-time strategy, Chaotic Era has been featured in publications like TechCrunch, Polygon, Wireframe Magazine, and more.


“You'll die early, and you'll die often.”
Wireframe Magazine

“It’s an RTS for our age, combining simple controls with complex, sometimes obscure systems, drawing on long-developing real-world anxieties and sci-fi solutions for its themes.”
Paste Magazine

“The main thing that immediately distinguishes Chaotic Era apart from its sci-fi RTS contemporaries is the game's distinctive art style; a minimalist latticework of sleek wire-frames, pulsing topographic texture maps, and white hot explosions”

After an incredibly well received Early Access release in January 2023, this is the official full version of Chaotic Era, featuring tons of new features, content, and gameplay. A fresh and terrifying vision for new and existing fans alike, expanding massively on the previously available Early Access release.

"We left it all behind. Old Earth and its doomed children. Titan, Io, the floating cities of Venus. Mars' cursed wastelands..."

In the late 28th century, as the Solar System collapses, Earth’s corporate warlords launch thousands of starships in search of a new home, but the reality of deep space is far more horrifying than anyone could have imagined...

Take command of your shipwrecked human crew, scavenge for resources, and prepare to fight for survival. Or choose to play as humanity's alien tormentors, an interdimensional species with mind-bending bioorganic warp technology. Hunt humanity from world to world as you build gateways into this universe from the next.

In the world of Chaotic Era, energy is scarce.

Both humans and aliens need to use their reserves strategically to power life support, build weapons and defences, research new technology, and transfer energy across vast distances to achieve complete domination.


  • Stunning, unique art direction
  • A fresh take on classic real time strategy mechanics
  • Intense, fast-paced gameplay
  • Beautiful UI inspired by 80s sci-fi classics like Alien and Blade Runner
  • A thoughtful and immersive approach to cassette futurism
  • Rich, new science fiction universe with detailed world-building
  • Procedurally generated planets for maximum replayability


  • Multispecies gameplay with scenarios for each faction
  • New weapons and units including mobile fighters and barricades
  • An overhauled energy management system with transfers and siphoning
  • Expansive research system unique to each faction
  • Competitive enemy AI that keeps gameplay engaging and difficult
  • Scoring system for measuring progress and challenging your friends
  • Complex new gameplay that will impress even the most seasoned CE players
  • And more major updates on the way


BOBBY TECHNOLOGY INC. is a very small Toronto-based indie game development studio founded in 2019 by Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan and Kevin Donnelly.

Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan
Kevin Donnelly



Q1 2024


PC and Mac at launch; iOS and Android to follow


BOBBY TECHNOLOGY INC. is a tiny two-person indie gamedev studio based in Toronto. BOBBY TECHNOLOGY has been featured on Polygon, TechCrunch, Paste Magazine, and more.

Founded by Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan and Kevin Donnelly, BOBBY TECHNOLOGY was designed as an outlet for experimental projects inspired by a love for moody science fiction and weird video games.


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