Build, expand, and protect humanity's last outpost in Chaotic Era, a new interstellar strategy game for iOS.

In the far future, Earth has been destroyed—and its last evacuation ship is lost in space, thousands of lightyears off-course.

Take on the role of a hyper-advanced AI system designed by one of humanity’s greatest (and now extinct) megacorporations. Land Earth’s last escape ship on a new world and rebuild human civilization from the ground up.

Expand your territory, harvest resources, and create bustling outposts with fleets of starships that will lift humanity to new heights—all while avoiding the meteors, plagues, and unknown horrors of outer space that threaten to destroy everything you have.

"We’re very excited to see a cool-looking strategy game of this scale make it to mobile." (Pocket Tactics)


Chaotic Era is “a gigantic real-time strategy game set within a procedurally generated universe” (TechCrunch).

Explore the edges of time and space as you grow your civilization from a single planet to a vast interstellar empire. The universe is a chaotic and hostile place—as your population expands, you’ll face the harsh challenges of a civilization stretched across the stars.

Manage multiple instances of 4x-inspired real time strategy matches across many worlds simultaneously; harvesting energy sources, expanding territory, and preventing devastating disasters including plagues and rogue meteors.

Starting with just a crash-landed spacecraft and a fledgling outpost, you'll need to explore your new planet and develop your technological might to expand outward in your solar system and beyond.


Build a fleet of specialized starships to navigate the universe and reach new worlds, gathering resources and keeping your population from falling to mass extinction.

"A very ambitious game that will allow you to carry a whole universe in your pocket." (Alpha Beta Gamer)

Enter a new universe inspired equally by scifi classics like Alien and Blade Runner; and legendary games like SimCity, Starcraft, and Civilization.

Discover new planets, develop new technologies, and uncover the secrets of a mysterious and dangerous universe. 


  • Thousands of stars and planets to be discovered—all unique to each player, procedurally generated for each campaign.
  • Sophisticated crafting system for building ships, populating planets, and creating interconnected travel networks between worlds.
  • Hard sci-fi mobile space exploration on a massive scale.
  • Beautiful UI inspired by 80s scifi classics like Alien and Blade Runner. 

Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan
Kevin Donnelly






 is a Toronto-based game development studio founded by Gabriel O’Flaherty-Chan and Kevin Donnelly. Emojivision, the first release from Bobby, was featured on TechCrunch and Digital Photography Review.

In 2017, O’Flaherty-Chan went viral for hacking a Game Boy Color emulator onto the Apple Watch. Articles covering Giovanni, O'Flaherty-Chan's emulator, appeared in The Verge, Polygon, Gamespot, Gizmodo, The Next Web, PCMag, CNET, Ars Technica, Engadget, Digital Trends, Mac Rumors, and more.


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